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What is crowd real estate investing?

Direct, private, real estate investing has been a little-known source of exceptionally steady returns for huge institutional investors. It’s generated 9.6%+ returns with less volatility than the stock market. But ordinary investors have been left out of the party because it’s been too expensive.

Crowd real estate investing changes all of this. It allows individual investors to pool their money with other investors. This makes direct real estate investing much more affordable and safer.

How does it work?

Step 1:   You sign up for our email list where we send out emails when we have located new properties available to be crowd funded.  These emails will outline how the property is being purchased as well as the desired exit strategy (long term rental, quick rehab/flip, etc).

Step 2:  Once enough people have committed to investing in the property a new LLC is formed between all of the investors.

Step 3: The property is then purchased in a land trust with the LLC as the beneficial interest.

Step 4:  Payment is then made as an investor payout from the LLC based on how the property was purchased (if monthly rental then dividend paid monthly.  If quick flip then it’s paid out when the property is sold, etc).

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